Student Data Quality Committee

The Student Data Quality Committee coordinates the development of policies and procedures governing student data at New Mexico Tech. The Committee is made up of representatives from the various offices at Tech that enter, maintain, and use student data.  The Committee considers matters such as how to minimize data entry errors, maintaining uniform definitions of student categories, and maintaining communication among the various offices that enter and use student data.

Current Committee Membership

Brian Borchers (Committee Chair, Mathematics)

Jacob Baer (Information Technology Center)

David Devries (Information Technology Center)

Aly El-Osery (Graduate Office)

Michael Jackson (Academic Affairs)

Heather Juarez (Registrar's Office)

Dan Lunceford (Information Technology Center)

David Medcalf (Institutional Research)

Steph Moore (Institutional Research)

Peter Phaiah (Office of Student Life)

Rosemarie Murray (Information Technology Center)

Yesenia Perez Gonzalez (Admissions)

James Scot (Registrar's Office)

Melissa Tull (Business Office)

Michael Voegerl (Student Affairs/International)

Committee Documents

Committee documents are shared in this Google Drive folder.  The folder is currently only accessible to members of the Committee, but this will change once we finalize some of the documents.