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NMT Skeen library has chosen Zenodo, developed and managed by CERN, as a data repository. Zenodo is an online repository that accepts research products in many forms—articles, datasets, images, posters, software, and much more! Deposit into Zenodo is free and open: There are no file format restrictions, and files up to 50GB can be uploaded (though Zenodo will accept larger files on a case-by-case basis).

Why Zenodo?

Getting started:

Your data:

Now that you have a file/files to upload, navigate to www.zenodo.org. Select the “Login” or “Sign up” option at the top of the page. You should be brought to a login screen. Zenodo offers options to either sign in by signing up for a new account or to use a login from Github or ORCID.

Once you’ve logged in or created an account and then logged in, select the “Upload” tab at the top of the page. You’ll be brought to an upload landing page. From here, select “New Upload.”

The upload process is straightforward. The key is to include as much valid metadata with your upload as possible. Doing so increases the findability and usability of your dataset.


Upload Files

Start the upload process by selecting (or dragging and dropping) the file(s) you plan to upload. After selecting the files, you’ll have to press the “Start upload” button at the top-right of the box.

File upload type

File upload type

The next section asks you to select the format of your upload,  select what best describes your upload.

Basic Information

The next section asks you to fill in basic information about your upload. Here, you’ll fill in: 

 Basic Info 1

Basic Info 2



The following section requires you to select access rights and a license for your dataset. The options you select will depend on what you’d like to allow others to be able to do with your data. If you would like to allow others to access and/or use your work without seeking your permission, we recommended selecting Open Access and an appropriate license. Selecting Open Access also gives your upload higher visibility on Zenodo.



Zenodo includes an option to allow you to request to have your upload included in a specific “community,” which function essentially as collections. Type NMT into the box to list our communities. Once you publish your upload, the community’s owner will be notified of your request to have your dataset added.

 Related or alternate identifiers

related identifiers

Use this section to link your upload to other related works. For example, if you’ve published an article related to the dataset you’re uploading, you may want to include that work’s DOI and/or ADS bibcode and to select the appropriate relationship from the dropdown menu. You’re not limited just to assigned identifiers, though; you can also include URLs or URNs and their relationship to your upload.



This section allows you to identify all other individuals who contributed to your dataset (beyond the authors you identified in the “Basic information” section). These are individuals who perhaps don’t have primary intellectual responsibility for the dataset you’re uploading, but still played in a role in its creation. If applicable, select an appropriate role from the dropdown for each contributor.

References, Journal, Conference, Book/Report/Chapter, & Thesis


These sections are unlikely to apply to a dataset you upload. Instead, if your dataset is related to another published work like an article, thesis, conference proceeding, etc., you should include that work’s identifier(s) in the “Related/alternate identifiers” section with the appropriate relationship.



Add any appropriate terms from a taxonomy or controlled vocabulary, like the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT). Include both the term from the UAT (in the “Term” box) and the URL for the term (in the “Identifier” box). As mentioned previously, include any terms you’re not able to find in the UAT in the “Keywords” field in the “Basic information” section.

Save and Publish

save and publish

Now that you’ve completed the record, you’re ready to publish your dataset! Double check to make sure you’ve completed all of the steps, and then select the “Save” button (either at the top or bottom of the page). Once your upload has been saved, you’ll be able to select “Publish” to complete the process.

Please contact library staff at repository.mods@nmt.edu if you have any questions or need any assistance with this process.


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