NMT Strategic Plan

In February 2015, New Mexico Tech issued a strategic planning framework that identifies key goals and major priorities for the University and that will serve as a guide for allocating University resources and prioritizing new initiatives. The framework is a major milestone in a strategic planning process that has been organized around a set of key questions about challenges and opportunities facing the University.

NMT Strategic Plan 2015-20

Annual Strategic Plan Review (link accessible to those with nmt.edu accounts)

NMT 2027

 In 2017, the New Mexico Leadership Council was established and is comprised of  representatives from all key components of NMT’s administration, faculty, staff and students (see below) to improve campus-wide communications, to consider strategic directions, and to build a common vision for NMT’s future. 

In September of 2017, the NMT Leadership Council conducted an off-campus retreat to address a vision and set of goals over the next decade that complement our university’s Strategic Plan (link). The retreat, entitled “Blueprint 2027: Charting New Mexico Tech’s Trajectory for the Next Decade,” focused on establishing a vision and growth trajectory for the university, institutional assessment and metrics, expanding and diversifying funding sources, and building goals, tasks, and milestones to achieve Blueprint 2027. The retreat outline, topics and discussion questions are shown below as well as the ten goals and associated committees working on those goals.

 Blueprint 2027 - Schedule, Topics & Related Questions

Blueprint 2027 - Outcomes