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The Counseling Center


Welcome to the Counseling Center!

Let us help you inspire positive change during your time here at NMT! 

Mission Statement:

We support an environment of holistic well-being as it pertains to the emotional, inter-personal, and academic development of the entire Tech community through clinical services, outreach, psychoeducation and consultation.


Building a skillful, inclusive community where students, faculty and staff are empowered to reach their full potential.

mental health awareness


Why is Mental Health Important?

Being aware of your overall health is important so that you can detect any symptoms and seek professional help when necessary. While everyone is familiar familiar with the symptoms and treatment options for common illnesses that affect their loved ones, like the flu, migraines, or and (most recently) COVID-19, many people are unsure how to look after their mental health.

Not sure if you or someone you know is living with mental health problems? Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviors can be an early warning sign of a problem:


Quote of the Month:

Every day brings new choices. - Martha Beck


Summer/Fall 2022: COVID-19 and Counseling

The Counseling Center will still be offering sessions mainly via telehealth. However, limited in person visits at the Counseling Center are open to students who are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination and booster shots according to the CDC recommendations. Each request for in-person sessions will be considered on an individual basis. 

Here is why:

We are all being asked to take steps to keep each other safe and healthy during a pandemic of a contagious illness.  The normative practice of having various students come to an office to meet with a counselor throughout the course of a day would risk the spread of the virus between unvaccinated students and anyone the counselor interacts with outside their roles of providing counseling.   

We acknowledge that there are certainly advantages to in-person counseling over on-line delivery. However, those are significantly reduced with the requirements of wearing a face covering.  While not always the case, it is certainly quite common for emotions to surface in counseling.  So much of the expression of emotion is hidden when most of the face is covered by a mask, making on-line counseling where the clients and counselor can see more of each other's facial expressions, a more helpful and informative experience. For many students, strong emotions in counseling often result in sniffling or needing to blow their nose, and wipe tears, all of which can't be done while wearing a mask.

This is why online counseling is the safer and more effective way to reach the goals of counseling at this time of those who are unvaccinated or not boosted.  While there are some unique considerations related to on-line counseling that we want you to keep in mind, we believe this is the most responsible, caring, and helpful approach to maintain our commitment to your well-being. 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 575-835-6619 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or email us at counseling@nmt.edu. Students can complete intake paperwork online under "Schedule An Appointment."

For a mental health emergency, please call us at our office number during regular work hours  or call campus police after hours at x5555. 


Our Top Picks for Morning and Bedtime Yoga:


For more links to yoga videos for students, staff, and faculty, visit our Yoga and Meditation page here


Short on Time? Here's a 5-Minute Meditation: 


 Office Hours and Location:

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Counseling Center is located on the first floor of the Joseph A. Fidel Center. The entrance is outside of Fidel on the NW side of the building, adjacent to Workman. We are co-located with the Student Health Center.


                                   Our Providers:

We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the New Mexico Board of Clinical Mental Health Counselors . Crisis intervention is available; counseling is provided on-site by a New Mexico independently-licensed clinical mental health counselor (LPCC).


Currently enrolled NMT graduate or undergraduate students registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours are eligible for our services. The initial appointment is an opportunity for your counselor to determine if the services we offer are appropriate for your needs and for you to decide if our services are a good fit for you.


The State of New Mexico legally recognizes that communication between a counselor and their client as privileged and confidential. We will not disclose your contacts with us to your spouse/partner, your parents, professors, or anyone else without your permission.

 Schedule an Appointment

                   Scheduling an Appointment

You will be contacted within 1 to 2 business days by email to schedule an appointment based on the availability indicated on the intake form you submit. Students with emergencies can be seen immediately during regular office hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For after-hours emergencies please contact Campus Police at 575-835-5434. 

Release of Information (ROI)

If you would like to request your file be sent to another provider, please follow the procedure stated below. If you are a client who was seen more than 7 years ago, we are not able to provide this request as we are only legally required to save records for 7 years after last contact. 



Cancellation of Appointments

We require 24 hours notice by phone 575-835-6619 or email counseling@nmt.edu.  Students who miss two or more consecutive appointments (without providing notice) will have their file closed and could be referred to community services should they require psychological care.

Scope of Our Clinical Services

The Counseling Center invites students seeking counseling to complete and online Intake Form for an initial consultation appointment to discuss their concerns. This conversation between the counselor and the student generally involves a discussion of the student’s current difficulties, a review of treatment options, and recommendations to assist the student in obtaining the appropriate services. Recommendations may include receiving services at the Counseling Center (individual or couple’s therapy), connection to other campus resources, or a referral to community resources when appropriate. Students who would like to speak with a counselor regarding a concern, but are not considering therapy at the Counseling Center for themselves, may schedule an information/referral session with a counselor as a “Consultation.”


Overview of All Services




       Counseling Center

Angela Gautier, LPCC Director of Counseling Center 575-835-6619 Counseling Center Fidel First Floor 152 counseling@nmt.edu
Andrea R. Jojola Administrative Assistant 575-835-6619 Counseling Center  Fidel First Floor 150 counseling@nmt.edu