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The Mathematics Department offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The BS in mathematics provides students with a solid background in mathematics and the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of mathematics.

There are a number of career opportunities in mathematics for students at the bachelor's level. Students in mathematics can prepare for actuarial careers, careers in education, and careers in a number of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and computer. Preparation for a career in industry includes a broad background in mathematics, modeling skills, computer skills, expertise in an area outside mathematics, and communication skills.

Mathematics can also be studied in preparation for more advanced work in a variety of fields including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research, statistics, scientific computing, and business administration. Many students choose to combine a major in mathematics with a major in a second field such as business administration, computer science, engineering, or physics. A strong background in mathematics can be very helpful preparation for graduate work in these fields.

Students majoring in mathematics have a number of opportunities to interact with faculty and participate in a variety of mathematical activities. There are opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects with faculty. Students also participate in the William Lowell Putnam mathematics competition and the COMAP contest in mathematical modeling.

The Department of Mathematics at New Mexico Tech offers a PhD in Applied and Industrial Mathematics, and Master's degrees in several areas, including options in analysis, operations research and statistics, and industrial mathematics. Our graduate program designs each student's program around the student’s interests.

The master’s degree is a flexible program that allows students to specialize in many areas of pure and applied mathematics. The department has a number of teaching and research assistantships for graduate students.

Many students in the graduate program work in the general area of applied and industrial mathematics. Industrial mathematicians work along with engineers and scientists to solve complicated problems facing industry and government. Students preparing for a career in this area need to develop a broad background in mathematics, modeling skills, computer skills, and communication skills. Graduate students typically work on thesis projects in collaboration with other researchers at New Mexico Tech and elsewhere. Recent graduates have found employment at BDM, Hughes Aircraft, Microsoft, The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Phillips Laboratories, and other industrial organizations and government laboratories. Recent graduates have also entered PhD programs at Clemson, Penn State, and Boston University.

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