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New Mexico Tech Earth and Environmental Science

Geology Field Camp

Geology Field Camp

Returning for 2023!


May 19, 2023 - July 2, 2023

(Open to students from other schools! Application can be found here.)


New Mexico Tech offers a six-week summer geology field camp that is open to New Mexico Tech students and qualified applicants from other universities.  This coming summer the field course will be conducted in the southern Colorado Plateau and Rocky Mountains area. Rocks in this region range in age from Precambrian to Quaternary, and a great diversity of rock types and geologic structures are well exposed. Deep canyons cut into the Colorado Plateau providing spectacular 3-dimensional exposures of these features.

Students will have the opportunity, under the direction of New Mexico Tech faculty, to learn principles of geologic mapping and reconstruction of geologic history from field relationships. The course will also involve measurement, description and interpretation of textures, structures, and stratigraphic successions; structural analysis of complexly deformed rocks; and preparation of geologic reports. Emphasis will be placed on interpreting rock associations in terms of tectonic settings, reconstruction of environments of sedimentation and volcanism, evaluation of rock deformation history, and mechanisms and relative timing of pluton emplacement and mineralization. Exercises related to various aspects of Quaternary and environmental geology will play an important part in the curriculum.

2020 Geology Field Courses Important Dates

2020 ERTH 480 Field Exercise Schedule

Summer Geology Field Camp 2020 Socorro Schedule


Field camp has always been out of phase with the traditional semester system — neither Spring nor Summer. This has lead to inconsistencies in registration, withdrawals and cost.  In the future, field camp courses will be “Part of Term” courses — basically a “special” semester that coincides with the actual dates for the classes.  

  1. Field camp courses will ONLY be listed as part of Spring semester registrations. 
  2. Field camp credits will count as part of the Spring tuition load. This can be beneficial, but it can lead to additional upfront costs if the load exceeds 18 credits.
  3. Students qualified for financial aid must visit the Financial Aid office before the close of regular Spring registration to assure maximum benefits.
  4. Registration for field courses will NOT end with the close of registration for other Spring courses, but will instead remain open through April 10, 2020.
  5. Registered students may drop (with full refund of fees and extra tuition) field courses through April 15, 2020
  6. Students may withdraw (fees and tuition not refunded) according to the following schedule:
    1. ERTH 483 — May 22
    2. ERTH 484 — June 5
    3. ERTH 480 — June 12
    4. ERTH 485 — June 19

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