Event Supervisor Resources

This page provides resources (including how to videos) for Science Olympiad event supervisors. Please refer to the following information for creating an account, creating exams, grading, and building events.

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0. ACTION ITEMS CHECKLIST - For current event supervisors—here are the most pressing action items you need to complete to prepare for this year.

1. EVENT DESCRIPTIONS - Descriptions of each of this year's 23 events, and brief, approximate outlines of what will need to be done to prepare for each one.

2. WORKSHOP RESOURCES - Contains information and resources about what to expect for this year's tournament, guidelines for preparing each event, and procedures for the day of the tournament.

3. SCILYMPIAD - Instructions and videos for getting onto and using scilympiad.com, the platform that we are running all of the tournament backend on.

Action Items Checklist

  1. Sign up as an event supervisor on scilympiad.com/nm (videos below).
  2. Complete the volunteer training on soinc.org/volunteers
  3. Read and double-check your rules and FAQ’s.
  4. Inform the outreach office of any assistance or materials you need with running your event. Also inform us of any room requirements, or if the scheduled room and/or time will not be able to work. Additionally, inform us of any volunteers that you have recruited.
  5. Create an online test for teams to sign up with (video below), or email rio.sessions@student.nmt.edu to set one up for you. This should contain the following question or something like it:
    “Please sign in by entering the keyword on the whiteboard in the space below.”
  6. Make all necessary preparations to run your event.

Event Descriptions

For a short description of each event, and an approximate outline of what preparing it entails, please see this document.

Event & event preparation descriptions

Workshop Resources

For more information on Event Supervising, including detailed instructions for preparation and the day of, see the following presentation and materials from the Event Supervisors' Workshop.


Scilympiad.com/nm is the platform that we will be using for team sign-up, student sign-in, online tests (if applicable), and scoring. Please see the following details for how to use scilympiad.

Creating an Account

  1. Create account/register as an Event Supervisor on scilympiad.com/nm
  2. Role: Select “Event Supervisor” 
  3. Scilympiad.com will ask you to sign in as an event supervisor
  4. Go to “Event Supervisor” tab.  If you have not been assigned to an event, email sharon.sessions@nmt.edu, ann.hatch@nmt.edu, & rio.sessions@student.nmt.edu to be assigned to an event. 
  5. Once you’ve been assigned to an event, you can create tests.

 You can view a video for how to create an account here (but go to scilympiad.com/nm, instead of nm-socorro):


How to Create a Student Sign-In

Only complete the steps in this section if you are doing a NON-ONLINE test. If you plan on doing an ONLINE test, skip this section, and move to the next.

The following video outlines how to create a student sign-in using the Online Test function.

How to Create Exam & Grade Event

This section is for people creating ONLINE tests. If you are doing a NON-ONLINE event, this section is not relevant to you.

You can create exams after being assigned to an event. See this video to learn to create exams:  

When creating an exam, be sure to make the first question a fill-in-the-blank question asking students to enter a sign-in keyword. See the example in the previos section for more details.

You can view this video to learn more about grading an event:


Entering Scores

All events will require their scores entered into scilympiad. See the following video for a description on how to do this.