Who We Are

The Southwest Innovation Alliance (SWIA) was established in January 2022 as a center within the Office of Research at New Mexico Tech. It is focused on supporting tech transfer and STEM outreach collaborations between academia, government, industry, and the community. The Alliance is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico with collaborations in New Mexico, Texas, and California. A key partner of the Alliance is the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) through its Directed Energy Directorate and Space Vehicles Directorate located on Kirtland Air Force Base. NMT is proud of its relationship with AFRL in New Mexico and has held a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with it since 1995.

Our Mission

The mission of the Southwest Innovation Alliance is to facilitate the advancement of technology transfer and transition, as well as promote STEM outreach in New Mexico, the Southwest, and the nation. 

  • We are committed to building successful collaborations between academia, government, industry, and the community to drive innovation and economic growth. 
  • Our focus is on bridging the gap between research institutions, government, and industry, ensuring that groundbreaking technologies and discoveries are effectively transferred and transformed into practical applications that benefit society. 
  • We actively engage with our partners to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment, leveraging collective strengths and community networks to tackle complex challenges and create new opportunities. 
  • Through our dedication to technology transfer, STEM education, and collaborative partnerships, we aim to position the Southwest as a hub of innovation and drive sustainable economic development for the betterment of our region and nation.
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