What can I do on BanWeb?

Not Yet Available on the Web

You must bring the appropriate paperwork to the Office of the Registrar to process the following:

You can obtain the forms for the linked items online by following their links.

Logging into the Secure Area

In order to log in, you must enter your User ID (nine characters beginning with "900". Your ID is included in your admission paperwork and is printed on your ID card.

You must also enter an eight-character PIN.  Your randomly generated PIN can be obtained by emailing the Registrar's Office at registrar@nmt.edu.  Please include a scanned attachment of a photo ID.  You will be prompted to change your PIN when you log on for the first time.

After 10 minutes of no activity, you will automatically be logged off of the secure area.

If you forget your PIN the Registrar's Office can reset it for you.  Please bring your Tech photo ID card to the office or send a scanned copy of your photo ID to registrar@nmt.edu . Your PIN will NOT be issued over the telephone.

Student Services and Financial Aid Menu

Registration Menu

Check Your Registration Status

This screen will display items that may affect your registration, including your holds and your time ticket (which day you may begin pre-registering, which is based on your student classification.)  Any item which prevents registration must be resolved before you can pre-register.

This screen also displays your total credit hours, your level (undergraduate or graduate), the degree you are pursuing, and your major.

Your registration status may vary by term. Be sure to check your status for both summer and fall terms before you pre-register.

Add/Drop Classes

Enter your Alternate PIN. You cannot proceed past this point without the Alternate PIN you must get from your advisor.

To add a class, enter the class's corresponding CRN# in the Add Class box.  (CRN numbers are listed in both the printed and online schedule.)

The Class Search button on the bottom of the screen will allow you to search by subject, course number, title (any word in the title), instructor, and time. Simply check the box in front of the CRN to register. (C in the box indicates the class is at maximum capacity and closed.)

When you have finished entering the CRN#'s, click the Submit Changes button on the bottom of the screen. Classes for which you have successfully registered will appear in the box titled "Current Schedule" and the total number of credit hours you are registered for will be displayed.  If there are errors, see the Registration Errors Explained section.

To drop a class

Choose "Web Drop" in the Action field of the Current Schedule box.

Look-up Classes to Add

This link allows you to search by subject, course number, title (any word in the title), instructor, and time. Simply check the box in front of the CRN to register. (C in the box indicates the class is closed.)

Change Class Options

Variable credit classes, such as directed study, directed research, thesis, independent study, and dissertation require an additional step to successfully register. When you add a variable credit class, you will automatically be registered for the minimum number of credit hours (usually 1).

To correct the number of credit hours, click on Change Class Options. Each class you are registered for will be displayed. Variable credit classes will have a box in which you enter the correct number of credit hours.

Registration Fee Assessment

Click on this link to ensure that your registration is processed correctly.

Other links on the Registration page allow you to view your schedule and fees.

Student Records Menu

Midterm Grades and Final Grades

You can view and print a copy of your grades for a selected term.

Account Summary

You can access your account summary both by term and overall. This summary does not include anticipated third-party contract payments, financial aid, and memos.

Personal Information Menu

This link will let you change your PIN and view some general information about yourself, such as your local address and emergency contact. If your address information is incorrect, please stop by the Campus Post Office and change the information. The Office of the Registrar updates emergency contact information.

Registering Online

What you will need to register online:

Not all registration options are available for use on BanWeb.

See above for information on how to use the Registration Menu of BanWeb.

You can make changes to your registration until the close of registration. Your advisor will be notified of any changes in your registration.  In addition, the Graduate Dean's Office will be notified of any changes in the registration of graduate students.

Alternate PIN

To register online for a given semester, you will need an additional pin number.  To get your Alternate PIN number, take your proposed schedule to your advisor for his or her approval.  After approving your schedule, your advisor can issue your Alternate PIN.  This Alternate PIN is valid for registering for only one particular semester, and you will have to get a different Alternate PIN for each semester. If your advisor is not available, check with the department chair or department secretary for that department's policy on Alternate PIN's. If you elect to pre-register in person, your advisor must sign your registration form.

Banweb Registration Errors Explained

The “Registration Errors” box lists those classes you tried unsuccessfully to register for. The Status column explains why you were not able to register for the class.

Coreq Required

You must register for both the class and its corequisite. For example, CHEM 121L is a corequisites for CHEM 121. You cannot register for CHEM 121 without simultaneously registering for CHEM 121L.

Time Conflict

Two classes you attempted to register for have overlapping meeting times or start/end at the same time. The error message will state which CRN the rejected class conflicts with. The Registrar’s Office will override this error with no further paperwork. It is up to you to make arrangements with your instructors.

Prerequisite and Test Score Error

You do not have one or more of the prerequisites for a class. Bring a signed prerequisite waiver to the Registrar’s Office. Classes you are currently enrolled in fulfill preregistration requirements.

Closed Section

The class is at maximum capacity waitlist.

CRN does not exist

Check that you entered the correct CRN and that you are registering in the correct semester.

Class Restriction

You must have completed a certain number of credit hours before you can register for the class. Some courses require that you have upper-class standing (junior or senior); others, that you are at least a sophomore. Class restrictions are listed in the catalog under course prerequisites. Bring a signed prerequisite override form to the Registrar’s Office.

Level Restriction

With very few exceptions, only graduate or dual-enrolled students can register for courses numbered 500, 581, 590, 591, and 595. Directed studies for undergraduate students are usually numbered 491.

Instructor Approval Req’d

Some courses, primarily directed studies, require the permission of the instructor. Bring a signed directed study form to the Registrar’s Office.

Must Register in Person

Web registration for the course is not permitted; you must register in the Registrar’s Office, Fidel Building Second Floor.