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Policies and Procedures at New Mexico Tech

New Mexico Tech Policies help to ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the Institute mission, or to reduce institutional risk. In addition, New Mexico Tech Policies help to ensure integrity and other fundamental institutional values that define the vision of New Mexico Tech, such as academic freedom, freedom of expression, shared governance, maintaining collegiality and citizenship, and upholding accountability for professionalism and diplomacy among administration, faculty, staff, students, other constituents and maintaining accountability to our accrediting and regulating organizations.  All New Mexico Tech policies are found on this webpage, though most also found on various division and office websites (e.g., academic policies are listed on the Office of Academic Affairs site).

New Mexico Tech's Policy Development, Amendment and Rescindment Policy, which is informally known as the Policy on Policy, governs the development, amendment and rescindment of New Mexico Tech policies.  As part of the process outlined in this document some draft university policies are subject to a 15 day review and comment period.   Such draft policies are posted on this website (see below).

Policy Types 

Institute-Wide Policy

Institute-wide policies are those that affect the broader campus community. For example, those needed to operate New Mexico Tech in compliance with state and federal legislation, such as campus health and safety standards, best practices in research, records retention, financial operations, and rules governing non-academic student behavior on campus.

Academic Policy

Academic policies are those that are focused on the academic mission of the Institute. Examples include policies governing academic freedom, tenure and promotion, academic honesty, faculty governance, and faculty qualifications.

Policies Requiring Board of Regents Approval

Some policies require approval by the Board of Regents in addition to the approval of the President. The President and the Chair of the Board of Regents determine whether or not a policy requires Board of Regents' approval. The Board will typically consider policies that govern the financial health and overall quality of the Institute.

Interim Policies

Interim policies are needed when a policy must be in place and there is not time to follow the procedures outlined in this document. For example, an interim policy might be needed to keep New Mexico Tech in compliance with federal or state laws, or the expectations of an accreditation agency. An interim policy only requires approval by the President. An interim policy must note in its title that it is an interim policy. Such policies are by their nature short-term, and should be replaced by regularly developed and approved policy within one year of their adoption.


If a policy or portion of policy conflicts with other Institute policy or with state or federal legislation, the higher ranking policy takes precedence, with the order of ranking, from lowest to highest: academic policy, Institute-wide policy, any policy approved by the Board of Regents, state legislation, federal legislation. If no policy exists regarding a particular issue, the Institute must defer to state or federal law.

Policies Under Campus Community Review

The final drafts of the following policy or policies are available to the campus community for a minimum of 15 calendar day review and comment period. Any policy under review will appear in this section. 

Policies for campus community review will be posted here after approval by the president or the appropriate sponsoring vice president or division director. Please see the New Mexico Tech policy and signature approval document listed in the next section below. After administrative approval, any policy under review will be posted here by the Office of Communication and Marketing.

Travel Office Policy Updates - 2021

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance has issued two draft policy changes.

  1. Proposed Policy - "Travel Reimbursement and Per Diem Policy"

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for official travel and business expenses on behalf of New Mexico Tech. This is an updated version of Travel Policy that was posted for comments in November 2019.

The complete policy is available by clicking here. 

  1. Proposed Procedures - "Travel Procedures"

The purpose of this document is to establish procedures that are compliant with state and federal regulations, and allow for reasonable and manageable business related travel expenses while maintaining the necessary controls and accountability. This is an updated version of Travel Procedures that was posted for comments in November 2019.

The complete policy is available by clicking here

New Mexico Tech employees and students are welcome to review the policy and send comments or concerns to The deadline for submitting comments is June 18, 2021. The contact person is Melissa Tull, the Controller. Her email address is The deadline for submitting comments is June 18, 2021.

Posted online May 18, 2021


Proposed Policy Revision – “Policy on Human Subjects Research”

The Office of the Vice President for Research has issued a draft policy titled “Policy on Human Subjects Research.” The purpose of this policy is to update the current policy to reflect revision of the federal regulations. This revision replaces the original policy approved in August 2003.

The complete policy is now online for campus review:

Click here for the proposed "Policy on Human Subjects Research." 

New Mexico Tech employees and students are welcome to review the policy and send comments or concerns to the Institutional Review Board committee at  The deadline for submitting comments is Friday, May 14.

Posted online Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Relevant Documents and Templates:

Policy Development, Amendment and Rescindment Policy

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Complete List of Policies

Policies and procedures are arranged alphabetically by Policy title and are listed under the Office of the President and the office of the Vice President or Division Head that is responsible for (the sponsor of) the policy and procedure.


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