Dana's Delicacies Event 2 "Autumn is Calling"


Showtime: 6:00pm
Location:  ZOOM LINK
RSVP for $10 Supply Packet: pas@nmt.edu
Includes everything listed below
FREE to NMT Students

“Autumn is Calling”
Art Project: Q-Tip Canvas Painting

Multi-Canvas Artwork

Set the mood for the season with this hauntingly beautiful painting project! We’ll be learning to use the ever popular & fun Q-Tip technique.

Art Supply List
Look around your home, you might already have some of these items lying around
or, email pas@nmt.edu by 10/21 to order your $10 Supply Packet (brushes not included)
1- 8x10 canvas (board or stretched)
Easel (optional)
Coated paper plate (or paint pallet)
Small Rubber Bands
Brushes (#30 flat brush, #6 flat brush, #4 round brush)
Paints: White, Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red

Pre-project prep: Rubber band Q-tips in bundles of 8, 6 & 4. Make at least 2 bundles of each

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