Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre


Showtime: 7:30pm
$16/Adult, $14/Senior, $8/Youth
Location: Macey Center

About the Show

World famous circus performer Gregory Popovich and his entourage of furry four-legged performers star in an award-winning spec-CAT-ular! The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and juggling skills.

There are more than 30 pets in the show, each one has been rescued from animal shelters and given a new leash on life!  Acts include: the Dog Classroom, the Amazing House-Cats, the Animal Train Station, and surprise appearances from trained doves, parrots, goats, a miniature horse named Diamond, along with acrobats, mimes, and contortionists.

About the Troupe

Gregory Popovich has won numerous juggling awards and is known as one of the top three best jugglers of the world. Currently, he holds the world record in a balancing/juggling feat in which he stands atop a nine foot free standing ladder and juggles nine rings. He is a lifelong advocate of animal rights and has participated in fundraisers for animal shelters and neutering programs across the nation. Public-service announcements promoting responsible pet adoption are staples of Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater. All pets that perform in Comedy Pet Theater are rescues from shelters — and serve as furry ambassadors for animals seeking homes.

  “When people see these amazing, healthy animals on stage and decide to adopt an animal from a shelter themselves, my main message has reached the audience,” says Popovich

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