Five Course Love by Scaffolding Theatre


Showtime: 7:30pm
$16/Adult, $14/Senior, $8/Youth
Location: Macey Center

About the Show

In Five Course Love, director Megan McQueen joins Algernon D’Ammassa and Brandon Brown to play 15 characters in search of true love in five different musical and physical settings — a BBQ joint, a mob hangout, a German restaurant, a Mexican cantina and a diner.  “It’s kind of like five musicals for the price of one, because each has such a different, spot-on musical style,” McQueen said. “It’s sure to get the toes tapping and heart singing.” 

The evening begins at Dean's Old-Fashioned All-American Down-Home Bar-B-Que Texas Eats, where a blind date goes charbroiled wrong. Next, at the Trattoria Pericolo, a mob wife has a secret rendezvous behind her husband's back. At Der Schlupfwinkel Speiseplatz, a waiter, a dominatrix and her kept man discover at the same hilarious moment that they are all dating each other. In Ernesto's Cantina, a hill bandit and his rival battle for the hand of the beautiful Rosalinda. And at the Star-Lite Diner, a waitress pines for her true love and gets a little help from Cupid in making her dreams come true.

Comments from the recent show in El Paso:

"Such a fun, light, and brilliant little show!"
"It was great fun! Very clever." 
"It was AMAZING. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard."
"It was deliciously ridiculous and fun!"
"I was crying I was laughing so hard. I'm definitely going again."
Comments from the national production:
"Five Course Love is artfully silly and genuinely funny…hilarious and imaginative."
—Associated Press
 "Pleasantly fluffy...five looks at love set in five different restaurants...
Gregg Coffin, who wrote the music, lyrics and book, seems to have a
nice ear for catchy, zippy tunes...Lots of laughs!"
—NY Times.
"Genuinely heartwarming...an undercurrent of unrequited love pierces the often blistering, breakneck comedy and creates moments of surprising seriousness and sentimentality...distinctive, tuneful, and highly memorable..."
—Talkin' Broadway.

About the Company

The mission of Scaffolding Theatre Company is to produce musicals uniting experienced musical theatre performers with promising novices, accompanied by professional musicians, with a focus on process as much as product. 



 "When we founded the company, we wanted to tap into our backgrounds as educators and infuse our work with a sense of "scaffolding" - that is, a solid foundation of practicality upon which is a constant layering of artistry and growth," say founders Justin Lucero and Megan McQueen. This solid foundation has won Scaffolding Theatre Company national acclaim, including recognition by Playbill for their groundbreaking interpretation of Chicago.


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