Cinderella by State Street Ballet


Showtime: 7:30pm
$16/Adult, $14/Senior, $8/Youth
Location: Macey Center

About the Show

Cinderella appeals to audiences of all ages and levels of ballet-knowledge. It’s the perfect combination of a well-loved tale brought to life with unexpected twists and turns that will please young audience members, and classical dance that will satisfy ballet aficionados.

The Cinderella ballet, completed by Sergei Prokofiev in 1945, is a variation of the original rags-to-riches story. State Street Ballet’s Cinderella features original choreography by Founder and Artistic Director Rodney Gustafson with additional choreography by Marina Fliagina, set design by Jean-Francios Revon, and costuming by Christina Giannini.

After its very successful premiere in Santa Barbara, the ballet was selected to tour the Eastern U.S. (from New Hampshire to Florida) and sold out every performance. Part of its appeal is the incredible melding of visual backdrops, movement and sound. Digital animation projected onto a see-through scrim is used to help a pumpkin transform into a carriage, while the lead dancer visible behind the scrim changes from her costume of rags to the princess dressed for a ball.

About the Company

State Street Ballet is a vibrant, innovative professional dance company based in Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1994 by former American Ballet Theatre dancer Rodney Gustafson, the company combines the discipline and timeless elegance of classical ballet technique with updated, cutting-edge choreography. Combining this with special effects and technology, the company produces original works that satisfy today's diverse audiences. A group praised for strong commitment to artistic and technical excellence, State Street Ballet is also applauded for the intelligently designed, versatile performances that have become the company's trademark. 


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