Mariana Baca

Major Subjects tutored Bio
Physics with Math minor College Algebra, Pre-Calc, Trig, Calc I -III, Intro to Applied Statistics, ODEs, Intro to PDEs, Intro to Physics, Physics I & II, Comprehensive Physics I & II, Computational Physics I & II, Intermediate Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Radiation and Optics, Intro to Quantum Mechanics, Senior Lab I am a Senior in Physics minoring in Math. I tutor upper-level physics from Mechanics, and Electricity and Magnetism, to Senior Physics Lab exercises. I also have experience in topics in atmospheric and climate science, and tutor math from algebra and precalculus through PDEs. In the past I tutored subjects in the Social Sciences and Humanities including English. I love science, art, music, and participating in sports, especially martial arts.