Deadlines for Completion

Completed requirements means: the completed report of the advisory committee, iThenticate report from academic advisor, and ProQuest submission of the final thesis/dissertation have been submitted to the Center for Graduate Studies or one final copy of an accepted independent study paper must be submitted to the student’s advisor and advisory committee.

Student degrees are not complete until final materials have been approved by the Center for Graduate Studies and the student receives final acceptance via email from the ProQuest system. Students are encouraged to submit their thesis/dissertation drafts earlier to ensure that it will be accepted by the Registrar's deadline.

  • To have your degree conferred in the graduate ceremony in May, all Completion requirements are met by 10 business days prior to the last day of final exams.
  • To walk in the graduation ceremony in May, you must successfully defend, with only editing remaining, by the last day of final exams. (Note that your degree will not be conferred at graduation and you must notify the Center for Graduate Studies to remain on the waiting list.)
  • Make corrections to independent study/thesis/dissertation resulting in final version -- watch for emails and check carefully that all corrections are completed before resubmitting.
  • Students often ask when they need to have everything in so that they do not have to register for the next semester. Between semester defense and all requirements, including final formatting and inclusion of required permissions, must be completed two weeks before the first day of class for the subsequent semester, or the student must enroll and pay for registration. No completions will be processed during the first two weeks of any semester to allow time for admitting students, assisting with registration, and completing contracts.

Timeline for Completion

What must be completed Recommended Date Required Date

Student intent to graduate forms (see forms)


6 months prior to expected Deadline

Draft independent study/thesis/dissertation to graduate research advisor

8 weeks before Defense


Defense copy of independent study/thesis/dissertation graduate committee

2 weeks before Defense


Defense copy of thesis/dissertation in pdf format submitted to ProQuest for format check/correction


2 weeks before Defense

Defense: independent study/thesis/dissertation defense

3 weeks before Deadline


iThenticate check of final versions of thesis/dissertation (or independent study for MST) by academic advisor. Student must submit all copyright permission forms to advisor some time before the check can occur. The report must be signed by the advisor and submitted with completion paperwork.

2 - 3 weeks before Deadline


Get committee signatures for Completion

2 - 3 weeks before Deadline

2 weeks before Deadline

Completion: All paperwork signed and delivered to CGS; pdf version of final thesis/dissertation (correctly formatted) submitted to ProQuest AND advisor must submit iThenticate report


By Deadline