New Mexico Tech

Sophomore Year Research Program

The Sophomore Year Research Program will offer incoming first time freshmen students the chance for early research experiences with NMT faculty members during their sophomore year. The program will support a number of paid positions available to students entering New Mexico Tech in the fall of 2021. Students will carry out collaborative research projects with faculty mentors starting the fall semester of 2022. These positions will enable students to work closely with faculty for approximately 10 hours/week during their sophomore year. Students can expect to gain basic research skills, hands on experience, and one-on-one time with a faculty mentor. To see the advantages of research as an undergraduate please visit:


If selected into the program, students will be introduced to their faculty mentor at the beginning of the spring 2022 semester. The spring semester is an introductory period for the student and faculty member to become acquainted with each other and for the student to be introduced to the general research area.

Students will start their sophomore year as paid researchers, gaining valuable experience working on a collaborative project with their faculty mentor. Near the conclusion of their sophomore year, students will present the results of their research at the Student Research Symposium (SRS). For more information on the SRS, please visit:

Application details will be provided on this webpage in the Fall of 2021.