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How do I apply for federal student aid?

Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and ensure that our school code (002654) is added.

Is it too late to apply for the spring semester?

No, it isn’t too late to apply for financial aid. Just be aware that the funds may not be available in time to pay your bill by the due date

What is my student account?

Your student account lists tuition and fee charges, as well as room and board (if you live on-campus). Once you have registered, you can view your semester charges on BanWeb.

When is financial aid applied to my student account?

Your student account will be credited with financial aid the week before classes begin, provided that all items in BanWeb are satisfied and you are registered full-time.

When do I need to pay my balance?

The balance is due (or a payment plan must be set up) by the first day of class each semester. Please visit for instructions to set up a payment plan 

What if my financial aid paperwork is not complete in time to pay the balance?

If your paperwork isn’t completed before classes begin, you will need to make other arrangements to pay the bill. If financial aid comes in later, it will first be applied to any remaining balance. Once the balance has been paid, any remaining funds would be refunded to the student.

If you plan to take out a student loan, Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note must be completed at least a week before the start of the semester. These items should be completed online at www.studentloans.gov 

My financial aid is more than what I owe to NMT. What happens to the excess funds?

A refund will automatically be created when there is a credit on your account. Refund checks are available Fridays during fall/spring semesters. Alternately, you can set up direct deposit via TouchNet to receive your refund.

Note: if your overage is less than $100, you will need to go to the cashier’s window to request it

What do I do with a scholarship check given to me by an outside organization?

Please bring any scholarship check that you receive (even if the check is payable to you) to the Financial Aid Office to be processed to your student account.

How do I receive the work-study amount listed on my financial aid award?

Work-study is earned throughout the semester based on the number of hours worked. Students are paid bi-weekly in the form of a paycheck

To find a work-study job, you can check with the Career Services Office, utilize their online database, or check with a department directly to see if they are hiring.

How do I apply for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship?

We automatically review every NM student’s eligibility for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. If you think that you should be eligible and it is not reflected on your financial aid award, please contact Financial Aid.

The criteria to receive the scholarship are: be a NM resident, graduate from a NM high school or earn NM GED/HiSET, begin attendance at an NM public postsecondary school within 16 months following your high school graduation or GED/HiSET date, and earn at least 15 credits in the first semester with a semester GPA of 2.5 or higher

Are accommodations available for students with disabilities?

Students with documented disabilities may obtain a referral from the NMT Office of Disabilities Services at NMT to be applied towards NMT and/or Legislative Lottery Scholarships. The student may be permitted to take as few as six credit hours and continue to receive scholarship funds


Stop by the Financial Aid Office on the 2nd floor of Fidel Center, give us a call at 575-835- 5333, or e-mail us at financial_aid@nmt.edu.

Contact Financial Aid

Office Hours: new hours until further notice Monday - Friday 8 AM-4 PM

Location: Second floor of Fidel Center. Bear left at the top of the stairs; we are just past the Cashier's Office

Email: financial_aid@nmt.edu

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