Mandatory NMT Spring 2021 Student Check-in

Student Check-In FAQ

For the safety and well-being of the entire New Mexico Tech community, all NMT students enrolled or planning to enroll in the Spring 2021 Semester on-campus classes/labs (face-to-face [F2F] or hybrid) must successfully complete the NMT Spring 2021 Student Check-in.  The required check-in must be completed prior to participating in any on-campus activities (e.g. visiting campus offices, moving into campus housing, attending classes, on-campus employment/research, etc.).

The components of the required check-in are as follows:

1. Online Health Screening Questionnaire (HSQ)

2. On-campus Drive-thru & Walk-up Check-in Events

3. COVID-19 Rapid Test

4. NMT Spring 2021 Health Compliance Certificate (HCC)

5. NMT Spring 2021 Student On-campus Lanyard

Special Notes:

  1. Starting Wednesday, January 13, 2021, no students will be allowed on campus unless they successfully complete the mandatory check-in process and have obtained an HCC and the designated lanyard.
  2. Student employees or student researchers needing to be on-campus prior to January 13, 2021, must contact their supervisors to make arrangements for the rapid testing. Once the rapid testing is completed for these students and they have negative results, they can contact the Dean of Students (, 575-835-5953, 575-845-5880) to obtain an HCC and lanyard for continual access to campus.
  3. Out-of-state students or those returning to Tech from out of state must comply with the Governor’s orders and self-isolate for 14 days upon entering New Mexico. Even if individuals entering the state get tested and have negative results, they must self-isolate. This is subject to change as the status of the pandemic changes.
  4. Any online-only students needing to come to campus after the extended Winter Break must follow the same process above. This requirement will remain in effect until otherwise notified.  
  5. Students who arrive on campus after January 19, 2021(e.g. due to self-isolation) will still be required to check-in and follow the steps above before they are permitted on campus. Undergraduate students should contact the Dean of Students ( or 575-5953 or 575-835-5880) and graduate students should contact the Graduate Dean of Students ( or 575-835-6432 or 575-835-5513) to make arrangements to get a local rapid test and be cleared to return to campus.
  6. Students not willing to properly check-in, take the COVID-19 Rapid Test, or submit the required online HSQ will not be permitted to be an on-campus student. Students not willing to take these required safety measures cannot take face-to-face classes/labs or come onto the NMT campus for support or services. These students will need to enroll as an online-only student for the semester and must receive their support services virtually, at a distance.

We hope all students will understand and support NMT’s safety and health procedures; however, any student failing to comply with these check-in requirements or not following NMT’s COVID-19 safety protocol/policies (e.g. facial covering/masks, social distancing, following self-isolation orders, etc.) may be subject to disciplinary action.

Please email the Dean of Students, Dr. Peter Phaiah, at or call 575-835-5953 or 575-835-5880 for related information or accommodations.  Graduate students may also contact Dr. Aly El Osery ( or 575-835-6432 or 575-835-5513) for any academic or work-related questions.