Everyday Laboratory Guidance on COVID-19 Disinfection

This procedure follows relevant CDC guidelines regarding COVID 19 cleaning and disinfecting protocols.


Create a Protocol

  1. Determine what risks to personal safety (such as a chemical reaction), equipment or experiments may exist by using the desired or available cleaner or disinfectant.
  2. Determine which cleaner(s) and disinfectant(s) will be used, and create the protocol. Use these questions:
    • What is the cleaning and disinfecting procedure (check the EPA list)?
    • Who will clean and disinfect?
    • How often will it be done (based on work arrangements and schedule)?
    • How will it be recorded and monitored?
    • What PPE is needed (e.g. gloves)?
    • How will supplies be stored, inventoried and maintained?
  3. Document and submit your protocol to your Chair/ Director and biosafety@nmt.edu.
  4. Train everyone with access to the area on the protocol.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Cleaning and Disinfection

Hard Non-Porous Surfaces


Soft Porous Surfaces (lab coats, carpet, cloth covered chairs)

Cleaning and disinfecting your lab or facility after a worker or visitor
tests positive for COVID-19

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