Key Requirements for NMT Campus During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The following requirements are based upon New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Executive Orders, New Mexico Department of Health Orders, CDC Best Practices, and practicing good common sense during a pandemic. As a general note, these conditions and requirements listed are only to be followed during the time the pandemic is in existence.

  1. All NMT employees (faculty, staff, student employees) must do a self-assessment prior to reporting to work to determine if they are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. These include fever, dry cough, chills, repeated shaking with chills, shortness of breath, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, or sore throat. If an employee exhibits any of the symptoms, they are to contact their supervisor and not come to work. Likewise, if employees develop such symptoms during the course of the day, they should report it immediately to their supervisor, be sent home, and seek medical attention.  Students are highly encouraged to do a self-assessment before engaging with the NMT Community (i.e. going to class, gym, etc.).  If students develop such symptoms during the course of the day, they should report it immediately to the NMT Student Health Office at (575) 835-5094, go to their on/off campus residence, and seek medical attention. 
  1. Per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), information obtained in #1 must be kept confidential, as with any medical record. Supervisors are to contact NMT Human Resources at (575) 835-6935 regarding any medical reporting. 
  1. If an employee is determined to have such symptoms and is sent home, they are to receive a confirmation COVID-19 test by the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) before being allowed to return to work. Contact Socorro NMDOH at (575) 835-0971 ext. 3 or NMDOH Covid-19 Hotline at 1(855)600-3453. 
  1. Employees who call in sick are to be asked whether by their supervisors if they are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, or at a minimum describe the symptoms. If symptoms are consistent with COVID-19 infection, the employee is to be directed to get tested by the NMDOH, and not return to work until the results of the test confirm negative to COVID-19 infection. 
  1. In the event an employee has one or more symptoms but fails or refuses to be tested, they are to inform their supervisor and must go into 14-day self-isolation and use their own leave or leave without pay, if necessary, before being allowed to return to work. 
  1. By the Governor's Executive Order, all employees, students, and visitors to NMT are required, at all times, to wear a mask/face covering that covers the nose and mouth, designed to inhibit the spread of germs or viruses, even when practicing appropriate social distancing. This applies in all NMT buildings and on NMT grounds. The following are approved exceptions:
    1. Employees in their own private office are not required to wear a mask/face covering if there is no one else in the office. If other people enter a private office, all individuals must wear a mask/face covering.
    2. Students are not required to wear masks/face coverings while in their NMT dormitory rooms or apartments. Masks/face coverings are to be worn in common areas of NMT dormitories and apartments.
    3. Masks/face coverings are not required when exercising, eating, drinking.
    4. Face shields without a mask may be used the Bureau, EMRTC, and Facilities Management along with appropriate social distancing.
    5. Masks/face coverings are not required if due to a medical condition with approved medical documentation. In such cases, however, alternative equipment, such as a face shield, is to be used, along with appropriate social distancing.
    6. Face shields without a mask may be used by faculty or presenters when providing in-class instruction or presenting, along with appropriate social distancing. 
  1. To reiterate, other than the exceptions listed above, masks/face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are REQUIRED of all employees (faculty, staff, student employees), students, and guests while at the same time maintaining appropriate social distancing in all NMT buildings and NMT grounds. 
  1. NMT will provide appropriate masks/face coverings to each employee and student. Should an employee or student choose to not use the NMT provided mask/face covering, the employee or student is to provide an appropriate mask/face covering for their use, at their expense. 
  1. All NMT Divisions, Departments, Centers, and Units shall inform and post NMT-provided signs for its employees regarding the use of masks/face coverings, appropriate social distancing, appropriate handwashing, use of sanitizer, and other hygiene support. 
  1. Employees who fail to follow the procedures set forth herein are subject to disciplinary action as detailed in the NMT Employee Handbook. Students who fail to comply with these procedures are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the NMT Student Code of Conduct. 
  1. NMT employees are to adhere to the Governor’s publication “All Together New Mexico: Covid-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers” (released June 11, 2020). 
  1. Any visitor coming onto the NMT campus, should follow the protocols listed above, as well as NMDOH, CDC, etc. to help NMT limit the spread of COVID-19. 
  1. For any questions regarding this procedure, please first contact your supervisor or you may send your questions to