Physics Colloquium

Workman Center

20 Olive Lane
Socorro, NM 87801
United States

Dr. Daniel Apai, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona, is the guest speaker for the Physics Department colloquium. His talk is "Exploring Small Wolds Beyond the Solar System: Sub-Neptunes, Super-Earts, and Exo-Earths." Apai will combine our recent results on exoplanet population statistics with our work on the properties of individual planets (including GJ1214b, TRAPPIST-1bcdefg, and Proxima b) to explore the small exoplanet population, with particular focus on the characterization of habitable zone rocky planets, and some of the astrophysical challenges to their characterization. 4 p.m. in Workman 101.

Thursday, October 25, 2018