Mechanical Engineering Thesis Defense - Jason Falls

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
New Mexico Tech Weir Hall
801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM
Jason Falls

Mechanical Engineering thesis defense presented by Jason Falls in person in Weir 202 and via Zoom.



Passcode: 981418


Title: High-Speed Quantitative Schlieren Measurement of Density Fields Around Conical Supersonic Projectiles


Abstract: Supersonic attached shock waves in the form of oblique conical shock waves present a simple geometry which has a well known flow solution in the form of the Taylor-Maccoll conical flow solution. The application of quantitative schlieren imaging applied to two and three dimensional flows such as the Taylor-Maccoll conical flow has been applied for wind tunnel testing and free air blast measurements. Quantitative schlieren and background oriented schlieren reconstructions of ballistically obtained Taylor-Maccoll conical flow are presented. Refractions are recorded along the entire optical path and the three dimensional Abel inversion is applied utilizing an axi-symmetric spherical constraint to reconstruct the density profile around 10° half-angle cones. The density results are compared with the theoretical Taylor-Maccoll conical flow solution evaluated numerically and parametrized by cone geometry and Mach Number. Agreement is seen between the experimental reconstructed density fields and the theoretical density profile. Quantitative high-speed measurements are shown to agree with theoretical density profiles even when considering the resolution constraints inherent to high-speed imaging.