Engage the World

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Sarah Obenauf

Phone: 5758355531
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Weekends in the New Mexican Wilderness: Camping to Learn

Presented by Amaris Ketcham

Please join us for the first Engage the World event in over a year with local artist, poet, and teacher Amaris Ketcham. She will discuss both her creative research practices and researching and writing about campgrounds across the state. In addition to sharing some poems about local flora and fauna from the Poetic Inventory of the Sandia Mountains, she will discuss a popular guide book that came out this year, Best Tent Camping: New Mexico, sharing some information about the book, how the guidebook works, and fun facts she uncovered while researching the book. Her presentation will be followed by Q&A.

This talk will be live on Zoom at noon Wednesday, Sept. 1

Visit for more information and the Zoom link.

Amaris is a faculty member at UNM. She is the faculty advisor for the nationally acclaimed arts and literature magazine Scribendi. In addition to teaching the ins and outs of literary publishing, she teaches nonfiction and poetry comics, narrative journalism, handmade books and zines, and creative placemaking. She has painted murals throughout Albuquerque, acted in a radio drama about the Badlands National Park, and taken students on multi-week camping trips along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Amaris is currently the Chair of the Student Publications Board.

Ketcham occupies her time with open space, white space, CMYK, flash nonfiction, long trails, f-stops, line breaks, and several Adobe programs running simultaneously. Her award-winning writing has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, the Los Angeles Review, Prairie Schooner, Rattle, and the Utne Reader, and dozens of other venues. She’s currently researching a guidebook of New Mexico campgrounds for Menasha Ridge Press. Her book of poems, A Poetic Inventory of the Sandia Mountains, was published in 2019. Her work with Poetic Routes has been adopted by the Albuquerque City Planning Department, as a way to use poetry as a means of understanding neighborhoods and community character throughout town.   

Engage the World is a monthly lecture series (Sept/Oct/Nov in fall semesters and Feb/Mar/Apr in spring semesters) at Skeen Library in which experts give presentations on their areas of specialization. Topics span the past, present and future: medieval history, podcasting, cartography, and much more. The goal behind this series is to encourage the NMT community to engage with the larger world, and to learn more about topics one may know little about, or to meet an expert in an outside field of interest. Attendees can also network with presenters and identify other Techies that have similar interests. It's a great opportunity to learn something new, meet like-minded people, and get out of the lab or classroom for an afternoon.


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