Engage the World Lecture Series - CANCELLED

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Skeen Library
901 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM
Sarah Obenauf

Phone: 585-835-5531
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THIS event has been cancelled. Keep an eye on the calendar for a future date for this event.

Atomic Age Art & Culture: or How Postmodernism Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Mary Dezember and Dr. Scott Zeman, along with special guest, Placitas poet Jules Nyquist, will combine scholarly and creative works to spark a thought-provoking conversation about the age we live in, the Atomic Age.

The atomic bomb, a terrifying apocalyptic technology, significantly shaped the art and culture of the post-World War II world. The term Atomic Age became most commonly applied to the time period from roughly 1945 to 1965. While closely associated with certain cultural characteristics typically defined as "postmodern," the Atomic Age is seen as a narrower, finite time and specific category in a cultural history related to nuclear power and its effects.

However, this presentation will show that:

  • Art and cultural artifacts not directly referencing nuclear power or the atomic bomb can be considered Atomic Art;
  • The Atomic Age did not end in 1965, and in fact, we are more embroiled in the Atomic Age now than ever before;
  • The term often used for the art and culture of today�""postmodern" �" draws attention away from looming nuclear destruction rather than pointing to that which threatens to extinguish all life on Earth;
  • The term postmodern is confusing, as many of the claims in arts and culture defined as postmodern occurred in modernity.
  • Therefore, the term Atomic Age encompasses the art and culture from 1945 to the present, within the "umbrella" time period of the Modern Era, 1800 to present.

Noon in the Tripp Room of the Skeen Library (room 212). 



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