Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar Talk

02:00 PM - 02:55 PM
Weir Hall
801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM
Julie Ford

Dr. Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou, University of Texas at Austin, will present the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar. His talk is "Analytical Modeling, Data Processing, and Uncertainty Quantification for Acoustic- and Vision-based Structural Health Monitoring."  2 p.m. in weir 102. 

Aging structural systems, which in some cases, are being used beyond their design life, impose a pressing demand for more advanced and reliable damage assessment techniques. Such techniques are expected to detect structural damage in early stages not only to prevent catastrophic failures but also to reduce repair and maintenance costs. To meet this demand, several structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques have been developed. However, the sophistication of data processing and interpretation has limited the application of such techniques. Toward addressing this challenge, this presentation will focus on the important role that modeling, data processing, and uncertainty quantification play in acoustic- and vision-based SHM. In particular, experimental research examples are used to demonstrate such importance in real-world applications. The analytical modeling part will be based on the fundamentals of mechanics, and the data-processing part will focus on machine learning techniques such as deep learning. In addition, the presentation will discuss a long-term vision for future research as well as relevant courses for future engineers and researchers. Specifically, future research will be discussed in the context of new technological trends such as augmented reality and the internet of things (IoT) that will bring new opportunities to SHM research.