Music Courses Enrollment

04:25 PM - 06:00 PM
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Pl, Socorro , NM

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Those Courses are at Recital Hall Jean Macey Annex

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a brief note on Music Courses.:


Piano All Levels CED330C-01 Monday 4pm-5pm

This section it’s a beginning section for all beginning levels. Setting  as Piano Group Lessons

The Outcome for this Course.: students will be able to play at least 6 different Major Scales,

Pattern from Hanon, Czerny op599 articulations Left & Right Hand on chords & melodic venues

6 pieces from the Ana Magdalena Book,

Bach Welltempered Klavier Prelude no.1

and various avulso music of the student’s choice. Recital


Beginning Strings CED342C-01 Monday 3pm-4pm

Outcome.: work on the Technique Wohlfahrt, Shradieck, Kreutzer , Rhode, Dont, Sevick 

1 Baroque Solo, Ensemble Music using the first 3 positions on the string instruments,Sightreading on the 1st-3rd positions. Music of the student’s choice. Recital



Outcome.: Student will be able to read and write on the Treble & Bass Clefs. Recognize the.:

Rhythm Notes,

En passant on the.:

Counterpoint First Second Species,

Setticlavio, Metric, Intro to Harmony I IV V, Intervals, Music Accidentals, transcribe & transpose Metric & Pitch

Dynamics usage symbols,

Terminology from Medieval- Baroque passing to Classical Period of Music 🎵 

Recognize the structure of Cadenzas Function AP AI Pl SC ( semicadenza )

Solgeggio Sightreading on Treble Clef 🎼


MUS351-01 Chamber Orchestra Monday 9:30am-11am

Outcome.: Student will be playing with the Harmonic Function knowledge of the Music


MUS342-01 Jazz Ensemble Monday 5pm-7pm

Outcome.: Student will be exposed to a variety of Repertoire Jazz, Blues, Jazz-Rock, Rock

Applying the scales towards their solos.


MUS336-01 Opera Study&Performance Tuesday 5pm-7pm

Outcome.: storyline of the Opera & Music Period, Composer biography , the Personagem aspect 

the Main Harmony structure of that particular Opera.

Students will be singing Aria from the chosen Opera.


MUS300-01 Music Theory MWF 11am-12:15pm

Metric Compound, 

Pitch.: Compound, Transposition, Transcription

Harmony .: Chord Function

Counterpoint Species

Setticlavio sightreading


MUS300L MTLab Wednesday 9:30am-11am

Outcome.: student will be playing in all 24 keys the Harmonic Function I IV V APC ( Authentic Perfect Cadence) in All Major Keys.

Practicing the listening aspect of the music notes on Melodic & Harmonic settings.

Writing the beginning of the Lied form for instruments of their choice.

Solfeggio, Rhythm Aural practice. In 1, 2,3 Voices