Computer Science Thesis Defense

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Cramer Hall
Cramer Hall, Socorro, NM
Melanie Harris

Phone: 5758355126

Mattnew Karasz, master's student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department, will defend his thesis.  His talk is "Student Data Visualization and its Effect Upon University Administrators and Internal Stakeholders." NMT administrators gather information by passing requests for information down the chain of command and waiting for replies. Karasz has designed and implemented a web-based dashboard that solves some, with the potential for many more, of these issues. A qualitative user study with NMT administrators and internal university stakeholders was done to prove the efficacy of these claims, with the results being that the data was overwhelmingly useful, easy to access, and accessed many times faster than their current methods.

11 a.m. in Cramer 222