NRAO-Socorro Colloquium

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
NRAO Domenici Science Operations Center
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1003 Lopezville Rd, Socorro, NM

Dr. Brian Jeffs of Brigham Young University will present the NRAO-Socorro colloquium. His talk is "RFI Cancelation Methods for the VLA and ngVLA, and ALPACA: Development of a Phased Array Feed Radio Camera for Arecibo."
As part of the ngVLA Community Studies program, BYU graduate students Mitchell Burnett and Michael Lambert considered linear algebraic array subspace projection methods for radio frequency interference (RFI) cancelation with the ngVLA. Dr. Jeffs and his students developed a new algorithm that improves cancelation performance even in the presence of RFI signal decorrelation across the very long baselines. A real VLA data experiment was used to evaluate canceling performance, with the VLA configured to simulate ngVLA decorrelation levels.
BYU is teamed with Cornell University to develop ALPACA, a large new L-band cryogenic phased array feed (PAF) radio camera for the Arecibo Telescope. Its wide field of view provided by 40-beam coverage will significantly increase survey speed over the existing ALFA multi-beam feed.
11 a.m. in the NRAO auditorium.