Biology/INBRE Seminar

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
MSEC 101
801 Leroy Pl., Socorro, NM
Vanessa Quinones

Phone: 575-835-5612

Rescheduled from September 16:

Dr. Momo Vuyisich, of Viome Inc. will be talking about his experiences: "From Scientist to an Entrepreneur: How to Start and Run Your Own Company"

Vuyisich spent 12 years as a scientist at LANL. His team developed technologies that they translated into a start-up, Viome. Less than three years old, Viome has 170 employees and global customers. The LANL-developed technologies allow them to make sense of the human body and one day eliminate chronic diseases with personalized nutrition and lifestyle. Vuyisich will describe what it takes to transition from an academic career, focused on papers and grants, to a fast-paced entrepreneurial lifestyle that focuses on product development, applied science, and rapid global expansion. The technical side of the talk will cover systems biology, machine learning, and personalized diet and lifestyle.

4 p.m. in MSEC 101 - everyone is welcome!