Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship Workshop

11:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Fidel Center
1 Olive Lane, Socorro, NM
Lorie Leibrock

Cybersecurity Entrepeneurship in modern connected world.  Bringing together security ideas, problems, and challenges with entrepenural opportunities to grow the cyber economy of New Mexico. 

To provide a forum where students, faculty, and other entrepreneurs can learn about technical and related market opportunities in the cybersecurity space. This may involve everything from learning how to develop conceptual frameworks to evaluation of well-formed startup ideas.

Connect NMT students, faculty, and staff with the cyber community for the purposes of access to knowledge and ideas regarding cybersecurity entrepreneurship once the Workshop is over.

Demonstrate that the NMT CoE in Cybersecurity will be a clearinghouse where entrepreneurs can be connected with potential opportunities in this area.


This workshop is jointly sponsored by the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and the Office for Innovation Commercialization. 

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