Student Hike - Ryan Hill (Trail 17)

09:00 AM - 01:30 PM
Swim Center
10 Campus Drive, Socorro, NM
Melissa Begay

The first student hike of the semester will be Saturday, September 7. We will hike Trail 17 - Ryan Hill. Since this is an out-and-back, we plan to hike an hour to 1½ hours in and then we will turn around. We will depart at 9 a.m. from the swim center parking lot. You MUST register by emailing OR signing up at the gym with Melissa. Participants must register by noon Friday, Sept 6.
Highlights of the trail: The trail begins on a ridge between South and Water Canyons. It begins on an old road, which passes through an old mining operation, and a number of old cabin sites. It contours first on the north side of South Canyon, then crosses it, contouring the south side. Just before the old mine workings, the road splits, one fork going left and downhill, the other going right and uphill. Take the right fork and continue along the road. There are no signs at this junction. The road continues through the middle of an old mine operation with several holes and ruins of a few structures next to the trail. The road ends, and a distinctive trail with tread and blazes begins. The trail climbs over a small ridge and into a tributary of South Canyon, passing by the ruins of an old cabin. Climb again from this canyon to gain a couple of ridge tops from which fine views of Buck's Peak to the south can be seen.