Computer Science Independent Study Defense

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Celia Pacheco will present her Independent Study Defense.

Her talk is titled "The Effectiveness of Detecting Fileness Malware Using Common Antivirus on Macos."

Abstract: Fileless malware is a form of malware which does not reside on disk. This type of malware lives in memory, thus making it more difficult to detect. There is limited research that has been published on fileless malware, and it has been largely focused on Windows and Linux operating system resulting in a research gap for fileless malware in macOS. Fileless malware is a fast gaining popular method to attack computers. It’s lack of file on hard disk makes it almost undetectable to scan by traditional signature based antivirus software. It is common for the average person who is trying to protect their own computer from malware and ’hackers’ to utilize antivirus software. Antivirus software is usually advertised to protect systems security using terms like “detect hackers” and “keep your computer safe”, however this may not be true for fileless malware. In this research, the effectiveness of five different antivirus software are tested against a fileless malware script written to exfiltrate data from a macOS machine. 

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