New Mexico Tech Hydrology Program History

The First Hydrology Program in the United States


Past hydrology heads of NMT

New Mexico Tech’s hydrology program, established in 1958, is one of the oldest and most highly ranked water resources programs in the United States. Historically, our program has generated about 15% of the Phds in the USA and been ranked in the top 5 graduate programs in the country. Many of our faculty have received international recognition for their outstanding research and have held important leadership roles in the hydrologic community. Hydrology Program alumni and former faculty members have started several internationally recognized environmental consulting firms. Currently, the NM Tech hydrology program includes 5 tenure track faculty and 3 emeritus faculty (see photo) and covers a broad range of research disciplines. During the past 20 years, graduate student enrollment has varied between about 28-16.

Most-current photo of NMT Hydroloy Staff

Hydrology Faculty, 2017. First Row: Mark Person, Dan Cadol. Second Row: Deqiang Mao, Jesus Gomez-Velez, Fred Phillips (emeritus), Andrew Luhmann, John Wilson (emeritus)