NM Tech, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

801 Leroy Place, MSEC 208

Socorro, NM 87801

phone: 575-835-6506

cell: 575-517-7578




      B.A., Geology               1980           Franklin and Marshall College

      M.S., Hydrology           1983           New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

      M.S., Geology              1987           The Johns Hopkins University

      Ph.D., Geology             1990           The Johns Hopkins University


Employment History

      1982-1985           Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA

      1985-1990           Graduate Research Assistant, The Johns Hopkins University

      1990                    Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecole des Mines de Paris

      1991-1993           Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

      1993-1997           Assistant Professor & Gibson Chair of Hydrogeology, University of                                               Minnesota

      1997-2001           Associate Professor & Gibson Chair of Hydrogeology, University of                                               Minnesota

      2001                    Professor & Gibson Chair of Hydrogeology, University of Minnesota

      2001-2009         Professor & Boyce Chair of Geosciences, Indiana University

      2009-present    Professor, NM Tech


Professional Society Memberships

  1. Geological Society of America
  2. American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  3. National Water Well Association
  4. American Geophysical Union


Achievements, Honors, and Awards

  1. NM Tech Distinguished Research Award, 2016
  2. Editor, Geofluids (2011-2016)
  3. Herbertte Foundation Fellow, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. 2005.
  4. Fellow, Geological Society of America, 2003
  5. Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecturer, Geological Society of America, 1997



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Prior Research Support (2015-1998)


Project Title

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Collaborative Research: Exploring the linkages between Sea-Level Change, Sediment Transport and Geomorphology on Coastal Freshwater

NSF-Frontiers in Earth Scineces



Can Electromagnetic Surveys Image Deep Crystalline Basement Flow Systems in Extensional Terrains?


NSF-Hydrologic Sciences




Evolution of Crustal Paleoflow Systems

Keck Foundation


2015 – 2017

Hydrologic connection between basal aquifers and crystalline basement in fault zones: Implications for induced seismicity


USGS Hazards



The Hydromechanical Wild Card: The Role of Ice Sheets in Crustal Stress Changes, Anomalous Pore Pressures Generation and Seismicity within the Midcontinent Region of North America


NSF-Hydrologic Sciences




Topographically-driven meteoric groundwater – an important geomorphic agent’ (MARCAN)


European Union




Assessment of Geothermal Resources of the Socorro and La Jencia Basins, New Mexico using High Resolution Hydrothermal Models 


Department of Energy Geothermal Program Office



 Energize New Mexico: Assessment of Geothermal Resources and Sustainability





The Hydromechanical Wild Card: The Role of Ice Sheets in Crustal Stress Changes, Anomalous Pore Pressures Generation and Seismicity within the Midcontinent Region of North America


National Science Foundation Hydrologic Sciences Program



Geothermal Resource Assessment for the City of Truth or Consequences


State of NM



Assessment of NM Geothermal Resources:

Phase II Web Site Development





Analytical-Numerical Sharp-Interface Model of CO2 Sequestration & Application to Illinois Basin


Department of Energy NETL



Collaborative Research: Continental Smokers; valuating mantle-to-surface hydrologic connections, CO2 flux, geomicrobiology, and water quality in continental rifts


National Science Foundation Hydrologic Sciences Program



Collaborative Research: Stratigraphic Controls on Freshwater Beneath the Continental Shelf


National Science Foundation Ocean Sciences Program




A Geothermal District Heating System on the NM Tech Campus, (M. Person PI; co-PIs: Gary Axen, Andy Campbell, Nigel Blaney, Richard Chamberlain, Marshall Reiter, Tom Keift, Corey Leclerc, James Witcher, Carl Gable, Yvonne Manzano-Brown, and Pete Sanchez)


Department of Energy Geothermal Program Office



Collaborative Research: Time-Dependent Hydrothermal Convection within the Great Basin Nevada, M. Person PI; Carl Gable, Albert Hofstra co-PIs.


National Science Foundation Hydrologic Sciences Program



Analytical-Numerical Sharp-Interface Model of CO2 Sequestration & Application to Illinois Basin, (M. Person PI; co-PIs Michael Celia, John Rupp, Brenda Bowen)


Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory



Geothermal Energy for New Mexico Tech: Assessment and Exploratory Drilling, DE-FG36-04GO14342, M. Person & #P. Kyle, PIs.

Department of Energy Geothermal Program Office



Collaborative Research: Continental Smokers; evaluating mantle-to-surface hydrologic connections, CO2 flux, geomicrobiology, and water quality in continental rifts, Laura Crossey, PI, M. Person co-PI

National Science Foundation Hydrologic Sciences Program



Ice-Sediment Hydrologic and Geomechanical Interactions; State of Science Review

Nuclear Waste Management Agency, Canada



Mechanisms Producing Variation in Lake Salinity in Dune Environments: Nebraska, Sand Hills (Person, co-PI; Zoltnik, PI)


National Science Foundation




Faults as conduit-barrier systems: Tracing fluid migration along faults in the Lower Rhine Embayment


National Science Foundation



Coso Hot Springs, Analysis of Hydrogology

Department of Navy





Hydrothermal fluid flow and Ore Formation in the Great Basin, Nevada (PI)






Collaborative Research: Pleistocene hydrology of the Atlantic continental shelf


National Science Foundation



The role of fluids in the cooling of metamorphic core complexes (co-PI)


National Science Foundation



Determination of Effective Hydrogeological Parameters using Jurassic Tank Experimental Stratigraphy





Computer modeling of regional groundwater flow and BTEX migration in sedimentary basins of the  Colorado Plateau


Department of Energy




Assessment of long-term variations in soil moisture and regional groundwater flow patterns across the Snake River Aquifer System


Department of Energy






Chemical and Physical Consequences of Magma Injection in Submarine Hydrothermal Systems: Insights from Mathematical Modeling


National Science Foundation



Regional Hydrologic Simulation Model to Study Aquifer-Atmosphere Interactions on Interannual–Decadal Time Scales





Collaborative Research: Salinity of Groundwaters in Continental Sedimentary Basins as a Record of Quaternary Paleoclimatic Conditions (Person, PI; Hanor, Co-PI)


National Science Foundation



Three-Dimensional Modeling of Saltwater Upconing on Nantucket Island, MA


Wannacomet Water Company



Mathematical modeling of BTEX migration within Sedimentary Basins in the Four Corners Region, USA


Department of Energy



Mathematical models of Petroleum Generation and Migration within the Midcontinent Rift, USA


Department of Energy



The Role of Aquifers in Paleoclimatic Reconstructions of Glaciated Watersheds (Person, PI; Ito & Wright, Co-PIs)


National Science Foundation



 Three-Dimensional Physical and Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Mass Transport Through Naturally Heterogeneous Porous Media at the Basin Scale


Department of Energy



Hydrologic models of potassium metasomatism within the Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico


National Science Foundation



Brine and oil migration within the Papuan Fold Belt: Insights from Mathematical Modeling & Fluid Inclusion Data


Petroleum Research Fund, ACS



Geostatistical Models of Petroleum Migration within the Alberta Basin, Canada

Petroleum Research Fund, ACS




A Graduate Training and Research Program in GEOFLUIDS

National Science Foundation



Courses Taught at NM Tech

Hyd 547, Hydrologic Modeling. Introduced students to finite difference program (MODFLOW) and finite element modeling methods using MATLAB. Semester Project focused on determination of well head delineation zone for Nantucket Island, North Pasture well field.  Purchased Modflow graphical User Interface GMS and Visual Modflow for this class ($6000 start up funds).


Erth 440, Physical Hydrology, Fundamentals of hydrological flow and transport will be presented. Precipitation, runoff processes, and flood generation. Capillarity, unsaturated flow, and infiltration. Laws of flow in porous media, hydraulic storage, and flow to wells. Laboratory and field exercises that demonstrate and implement fundamental concepts of the hydrological cycle. Distance Education Students are exempt from lab participation.


Erth 441, Hydrogeology,  Hydrogeologic controls on the occurrence, movement, and chemical and isotopic composition of groundwater. Hydrogeologic properties. Groundwater recharge and stream/aquifer interaction. Groundwater in different geological, climate, and physiographic regimes.


Hyd510, Quantitative Methods, Introduction to analytical and numerical methods used in the hydrologic sciences. Review test of algebra and calculus, including multivariate calculus. Solutions to ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations using finite difference and finite element methods.


Graduate Thesis Completed


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  23. Matt Folsom, 2017, Deep resistivity imaging of the central Rio Grande Rift using 3D Inversion Models of Magnetotelluirc Data with Implications for Hydrologic and Geothermal Processes


            MSc Women: 6/23; Minorities: 2/23; International: 2/23



  1. Bekele, E., 1999, The role of aquifer heterogeneties and pore pressures in long range oil migration within the Alberta Basin (University of Minnesota). Current Position: Hydrologist CSIRO


  1. York, J., 2000, Atmosphere-aquifer interactions; Insights from coupled mathematical modeling (University of Minnesota).


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  1. Zhang, Ye, 2005, Effective Hydrogeological Parameters using Jurassic Tank Experimental Stratigraphy (Indiana University) Current Position: Professor, University of Wyoming


  1. Amlan Banerjee, Hydrologic models of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits, Nevada (Indiana University). Current Position, Visiting Professor Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta


  1. Amy Jordan, 2015, Flow and Transport Models for Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty  Monitoring and Nuclear Waste Disposal Applications


                        Phd, Women: 4/7; Minority, 2/7; International, 1/7


      Postdoctoral Fellows


  1. Yongli Gao, Hydrothermal fluid flow and fluid Rock Isotope Exchange within the Shuswap Metamorphic Core Complex (Indiana University): Current Position: Professor, East Tennesse State University.


  1. Victor Bense, Hydrogeology of Faults in Poorly Consolidated Sediments (Indiana University) Current Position: Professor, University of East Anglia, UK


  1. Amlan Banerjee, Hydrogeology of Great Basin Geothermal Systems, (NM Tech) Current Position: Visiting Professor Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta


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Dolan Lucero, BS Geology, University of Utah 

Navis Sazeed. BS Disaster Science, University of Dhaka 


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Natalie Camile, BS Geology, University of Wyoming 

Elizabeth Evenocheck, BS Geology, Winona State University 


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