Faculty Information and Resources for Transition to Distance Education

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Tech has transitioned to 100% online instruction for teh Spring and Summer semesters.  This page contains relevant information for faculty.

Visit our newly revised Online Faculty Resources site for more information and FAQs.  Most of the technical content previously on this page has migrated to this site.

Proctoring Exams

Proctoring exams will, of course, be more challenging than in face-to-face exams.  We are exploring using Zoom for this effort, with a group of TAs to help with the proctoring.  Aly El-Osery is leading this effort and has put together a document summarizing available options.  Regardless of the mode of proctoring, when possible, faculty should design test questions to make them "cheat resistant".  For example questions that cannot be readily answered via a quick Google search.

Getting Help

If you encounter problems or have questions that are not answered using our online resources please contact ACT staff by submitting a help request, emailing act@nmt.edu, or calling 575-835-6688.


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