Research Ethics: Conflicts of Interest

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
MSEC 101
801 Leroy Pl., Socorro, NM
Chris ChoGlueck

This is the first event of the 2021-22 Research Ethics Series, sponsored by the Office of Research. The series begins with a talk on financial conflicts of interest and sponsorship bias. The speaker is Dr. Chris ChoGlueck of the CLASS Department. He will lead a discussion questions on the sources of conflicts of interest and potential solutions, as well as small group discussions of case studies.

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COVID Safety Procedures: We will require everyone to maintain 3' of social distancing by requiring attendees to leave empty seats in between them and their neighbors, as well as the requirements for masking. The speaker will remove his mask will talking from the stage and maintain 12' from the audience. We will also have a sign-in sheet at the back of the room (with hand sanitizer) to allow for any necessary contact tracing in the event of a COVID case. Only NMT students, faculty, and staff are invited, to ensure that vaccination rates will be high.


No Attendence Limit

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