Physics Experiment with Green Laser
New Mexico Tech

Department of Physics

 Physics Faculty and Staff

Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman

Professor | Astrophysics

Michelle Creech-Eakman, PhD
Jean A. Eilek

Professor Emerita | Astrophysics

Jean A. Eilek, PhD
Zeljka Fuchs

Research Associate Professor | Physics

Zeljka Fuchs, PhD
Dr. Peter Hofner

Professor | Astrophysics

Peter Hofner, PhD
Dr. Mike Jackson

Professor, Associate V.P. for Academic Affairs |MolecularPhysics

Mike Jackson, PhD
Dr. Paul R. Krehbiel

Professor Emeritus | Atmospheric Physics

Paul R. Krehbiel, PhD
Carlos Lopez-Carillo

Assistant Professor of Lab Instruction | Physics

Carlos Lopez Carrillo, PhD
Altagracia L. Lujan

Administrative Secretary II | Physics

Altagracia L. Lujan
Minnie Mao, PhD

Assistant Professor | Astrophysics

Minnie Mao, PhD
Dr. David Meier

Associate Professor | Astrophysics

David Meier, PhD
Dr. Kenneth R. Minschwaner

Marvin Wilkening Endowed Professor | Atmospheric Physics

Ken Minschwaner, PhD
Dr. Raul Morales Juberias

Associate Professor | Astrophysics

Raúl Morales-Juberías, PhD
Ryan Norris

Assistant Professor | Astrophysics

Ryan P. Norris, PhD
Dr. David Raymond

Professor Emeritus | Atmospheric Physics

David Raymond, PhD
Dr. Van Romero

Professor, Director of Space Science Program | Shock Physics

Van Romero, PhD
Dr. Sharon Sessions

Professor, Associate Department Chair | Atmospheric Physics

Sharon Sessions, PhD
Dr. Caitano da Silva

Assistant Professor | Atmospheric Physics

Caitano da Silva, PhD
Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld

Professor | Atmospheric Physics

Richard Sonnenfeld, PhD
Dr. Douglas Wells

Professor, V.P. for Academic Affairs | Nuclear Physics

Douglas Wells, PhD
Dr. David Westpfahl

Professor Emeritus | Astrophysics

David Westpfahl, PhD
Dr. William Winn, PhD

Professor Emeritus | Atmospheric Physics

William Winn, PhD
Dr. Lisa Young

Professor, Department Chair | Astrophysics

Lisa Young, PhD

 Adjunct Faculty

Ivan Avramidi

Adjunct Professor | Mathematics

Ivan Avramidi, PhD
David Buscher

MRO | University of Cambridge

David Buscher, PhD
Patrick Gaulme

Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Patrick Gaulme, PhD
Miller Goss

NRAO | Astrophysics

Miller Goss, PhD
Chris Haniff

MRO | University of Cambridge

Chris Haniff, PhD
Colby Jurgenson

Ohio State University | Research Scientist

Colby Jurgenson, PhD
Gloria Manney

NWRA Senior Research Scientist

Gloria Manney, PhD
Jurgen Ott, PhD

Assistant Scientist | NRAO

Jurgen Ott, PhD
William Rison, PhD

NMT EE | Atmospheric Physics

William Rison, PhD
Mark Swain, PhD

Jet Propulsion Laboratory | NASA

Mark Swain, PhD
Scott Teare, PhD

NMT EE | Experimental Adaptive Optics

Scott Teare, PhD
Ronald Thomas, PhD

NMT EE | Atmospheric Physics

Ronald Thomas, PhD
Przemyslaw Wozniak

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Przemyslaw Wozniak, PhD


Timothy Hankins, PhD

Professor Emeritus | Astrophysics

Timothy H. Hankins, PhD
Vernon Lefebre, PhD

Statistical Physics | Thermodynamics

Vernon LeFebre, PhD
Bary sabol

Lab Manager/Lecturer | Physics

Barry Sabol
Stephen D. Schery, PhD

Atmospheric physics | Environmental radioactivity

Stephen D. Schery, PhD