International Students
Here you can find information about transferring to New Mexico Tech from another Country. You can learn about how to contact your advisor, the processes involved with transfering credits, and more. Contact information for the International Students Office can be found here.

Knowing and Understanding Upcoming Deadlines
Remembering every deadline when it comes to college can be difficult. Given that, we have compiled a list of important deadlines that all incoming students should know. Click on the item to learn more about it.

Registration Day
Registration day is the day that registration for the upcoming semester's classes open.

The dates for registration can be found on the Registrar's webpage and on the Academic Calendar.
Validation Day
For incoming and current students, validation day is extremely important. To be validated, you must have paid off your current balance for the semester, or you must have a payment plan set up. To learn more about validation, visit the Student Accounts page, or email Gigi Garcia.
Add / Drop Days
Add / Drop days exist so that you can add or drop classes during the first part of the semester. Either you need more credits for a scholarship, or you decided you need to switch to a different section of a class. Regardless of the reason, you cannot add or drop classes after these days. To find out the details for each semester, visit the Registrar's webpage.
Move In / Out Days
Moving days are important for incoming students to know. Nobody wants to show up to campus and have an office be closed because of a miscommunication. Move in days are the days before the semester begins where students are allowed to move onto campus and get their student ID cards encoded as keys for their place of residence. On move in days, Residential Life's office will be open during select business hours for students to come in to get their keys encoded. To find out details regarding the move-in / move-out days, please click here. 
Grade Option Changes
Grade option changes are changes in how your courses are graded. Pass/Fail and Standard Letter are the two kinds of grades a student can receive. Changing your option also allows you to change the course from graded to audited. After these dates, your grade option remains unchangable. Changing your grade option may be important, as Pass/Fail and Audit options don't effect your GPA. However, you will have to retake the class if you need it as a prerequisite for another class. For more information on grade option changes and deadlines, visit the Registrar's webpage.
These dates and deadlines are extremely important in making sure you hit the ground running on your first day at NMT. If you have any questions regarding these days, please contact OSL staff.


Transfer Credits
Most courses will transfer to meet general elective, general education core curriculum, or major requirements. To find out how a specific class will transfer, please email the Registrar( More information can be found by clicking this link.


NMT Accounts and Passwords
Every student at NMT is issues an ID number and a login username. The ID number is often called your "900 number", or "nine-hundred number". It is a nine digit number that identifies you as a student of NMT. Your ID number is printed on your Student ID card and it is used to access your Banweb Account.

Your student username is usually your first initial with characters from your last name. For example: "John Smith" might be jsmith.

To log onto a TCC Computer, you will use your student username (jsmith) and a password. Your password is randomly generated at first, and then you are prompted to enter a new password. This username and password is also how you log onto your school email.

To access things like your student records or your registration status, you will need to go to Banweb. Your username for Banweb is your 900 Number, and your password for Banweb is different than your TCC password.

It should be noted that for registering for your classes, you will need an apin. YOUR APIN IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR BANWEB OR TCC PASSWORD. Your apin acts as a digital signature from your advisor stating that they approve your proposed schedule for classes.


Communicating With Your Advisor
Communicating with your advisor is extremely important for your academic success at NMT. Incoming students should receive an email on their school email explaining who their advisor is. It is important to familiarize yourself with your advisor and who they are so you can feel comfortable approaching them for help.
Below is a list of items students should be prepared for when speaking with their advisor:

Be prepared. Don't expect your advisor to schedule your classes for you. You should approach your advisor with questions about classes.
Ask questions. Your advisor is there to help you understand more about your degree and how to accomplish your academic goals.
Schedule a meeting time. Try to meet with your advisor in person. The more they know you, the more they are able to help you. If you are unable to meet with them in person before the semester starts, email corrospondance is acceptable, but make an attempt to schedule a meeting after the semester starts.
Understand why you're there. Don't meet with your advisor "just because you have to". When you meet with your advisor, understand why you're meeting with them and understand what you came to accomplish.
If, for some reason, you are unable to reach your advisor, try talking to the department chair or the department secretary. Usually they will be able to help you with any issues you may have, or they can put you in contact with your advisor.

If all else fails in contacting your advisor, contact OSL staff. They can help you with some problems and may be able to get you in touch with your advisor.


Financial Aid
To visit the financial aid webpage, click here.

New Mexico Tech offers financial aid for students who may need it. NMT accepts scholarships and stacks them, allowing students to accumulate large ammounts of financial aid from external scholarships and funds. NMT offers university scholarships ranging on academic performance for enrolled students and for incoming students. To learn more about financial aid, click here.


Housing Options
To visit the Residential Life webpage, click here. You can find rates and requirements there.

Residential Life at NMT offers all students housing both on campus and off. Housing styles are seperated into two distinct styles: dorms and apartments. Dorm rooms either have community bathrooms or suite-style bathrooms. Apartments are available both on campus and off campus. Freshmen residents are notrequired to live on campus, however it is highly recommended as it allows you to become familiar with the campus and your peers