Advising Learning Outcomes for Current Students

Know the role of the advisor and the advisee
Know how to find and use the technology resources available to them
Know what they want to do when they leave NM Tech
Know what they are going to do over the summer
Strategize for academic success

This page includes information for students currently registered at New Mexico Tech, 
whether they're a first-semester freshman or a super senior. 

Knowing and Understanding Upcoming Deadlines
Remembering every college deadline can be difficult, so we have compiled a list of important deadlines that ALL students should know. Click on each to learn more.

Registration Day
Registration day is the day that registration for the upcoming semester's classes open.

The dates for registration can be found on the Registrar's page and on the NMT Calendar.
Validation Day
Validation day is extremely important for all students. To be validated, you must have paid your full balance for the current semester, or have set up a payment plan. To learn more about validation, visit the Student Accountspage, or email Gigi Garcia, Student Account Specialist.
Add/Drop Days
Add/Drop dates let you make changes to your class schedule during the first part of the semester. Either you need more credits for a scholarship, or you decided you need to switch to a different section of a class. Regardless of the reason, you cannot add or drop classes after these days. To find out the details for each semester, visit the Registrar's page or check your NMT email often - the Registrar sends out emails in advance of all academic deadlines.
Grade Option Changes
Grade options let you change how a class is graded. Standard Letter grade is the default for most classes. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) and Audit are the two other kinds of "grades" a student can select. However - changing your option to S/U or Audit may change your status for scholarship/funding requirements. You may have to retake a class if you need it as a prerequisite for another class. Talk with your Faculty Advisor, the Registrar's Office, and Financial Aid before changing any grade option.After the the Grade Option deadline, your grade type remains unchangable. For more information on grade option changes and deadlines, visit the Registrar's webpage.
These NM Tech dates and deadlines are extremely important. If you have any questions regarding these deadlines, please contact OSL staff.

Communicating With Your Advisor
Regularly communicating with your Faculty Advisor is important and can be very helpful to your academic success at NMT. 
Here's some things to keep in mind before communicating/meeting with your advisor:

Schedule a meeting time. Try to meet with your advisor in person at least twice a semester. The better they know you, the more they are able to help you. If you are unable to meet with them in person before Registration opens, email correspondence is acceptable, but try to schedule a meeting after the semester starts.
Be prepared. Don't expect your advisor to schedule your classes for you. You should have a prepared schedule ready for review, so your advisor can focus on big picture topics such as academic and career plans and goals.
Ask questions. Your advisor is there to help you understand more about your degree, what career options may be of interest, and how to accomplish your academic goals.
Understand why you're there. Don't meet with your advisor just "because you have to." When you meet, understand why you're there and what you came to accomplish.
If, for some reason, you are unable to reach your advisor, contact the Department Chair or the Department Secretary. Usually they will be able to help you with any issues you may have, or they can put you in contact with your advisor.

If all else fails, contact OSL staff. They can help you get you in touch with your advisor, the chair, or a temporary advisor, if necessary.

Schedule Planning - Options & Tools

Schedule of Classes
The NMT Schedule of Classes lists all the courses that will be offered in the upcoming semester.
Program and Course Catalog
The 2016-2017 Course Catalog includes all degree requirements, course offerings, and pre-/co-requisites for every class.
Social Science/Humanities Options
If you're looking for a Social Science or Humanities course, there are many options available. Check out the list of all the Fall 2017 SS/HUMA courses offered by the CLASS, Management, and Psychology departments. 
Fine Arts, Music and Physical Recreation
Need to maintain some balance in your academic load? Need a creative or physical outlet? Need one more credit (or 2 or 3 more credits that aren't SS/HUMA) for a full course load? Check out the Physical Recreation, Fine Arts and Music offerings on the Community Education page.
These courses may count as electives towards your degree, and one of them could be just the thing to make your Spring semester differently interesting! Check the catalog here! 
Beanweb Schedule Planner
Did you know there's a schedule planner program developed by a former NMT student? Beanweb is ONLY for planning your schedule, NOT registering for classes (see the "Registering Online with Banweb" section), but wow, is it helpful!
Notice: is a Banweb scheduling tool developed by a NMT alumnus. Students are welcome to use Beanweb with the understanding that it is not officially affiliated with SunGard Banner, Banweb, or other Ellucian software products. NMT does not maintain or provide technical support for Beanweb. Banweb is the official website for the NMT class schedule.

Registering Online With Banweb
Navigating the NMT Banweb system can be confusing the first few times. To help, a step-by-step guide for registering online has been created here. One thing to keep in mind about Registration: if you haven't met with your advisor, you need to do that before you try to register. Your advisor will give your your APIN (Alternate PIN) that you need as a second-level password in Banweb to register for courses. Each semester's APIN is different, so you can't use a previous semester's APIN. Meeting with your advisor will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about registration, courses, or degree requirements.

Major / Minor / Advisor Changes
Students may add, change, or drop a major or minor, or change their advisor, at any time during their degree work at NM Tech. Adding or changing a 2nd Major or Minor can have a big impact on your academic time-to-graduation, and students are encouraged to speak with their advisor first. Students are also strongly encouraged to speak with faculty in the discipline they are looking to add/switch to. Once you have decided that you are going to make changes, you can come to the Office for Student Learning to pick up an Undergraduate Change of Major, Minor, or Advisor form, or you can download one here. Follow the instructions on the form, and bring it to OSL staff in Speare 106 or 107; the changes will be processed within a week.