Advising at New Mexico Tech
Welcome to the advising page at New Mexico Tech! Here you can find information regarding the advising process, changing your major and minor, and much more! The advising website exists to help current, incoming, transfer, and international students gather information to help them in their pursuit of academic excellence.


What is Academic Advising?
Academic Advising is a collaboration between advisors and students; the advisor provides information and resources for the student's academic, professional, and social development.

NMT's strength is that students are advised by faculty in their major. The relationship that develops between the faculty advisor and student can be academically and professionally beneficial.

What is the advising process at NMT?
After a student accepts admission to NMT, the Office for Student Learning (OSL) advising coordinator contacts the appropriate department chair to request a faculty advisor be assigned for the new student. The faculty member is notified of their new advisee and sent the student's Math and English placement information and transfer credits evaluation (if any). The student should be contacted by the faculty advisor (generally by email) within a few days - check your NMT student Gmail account!
Once the advisee has been in contact with their advisor, the two of them discuss, either in person or by email, what the student hopes to achieve by the end of the upcoming semester. This gives both the student and the advisor an understanding of what classes the student needs to take. At this point, a schedule is drafted by the student, with the help of the NMT advising coordinator; the student then submits the proposed schedule to the faculty advisor. Once the advisor approves the schedule, he or she will send the student the Alternate PIN (APIN) needed for online registration.

Student Advisee Responsibilities
Know degree requirements, relevant school policies, and deadlines.
Be open to developing and clarifying academic and professional goals.
Research university programs and courses.
Regularly consult faculty advisor and degree audit systems.
Use campus academic, social, and professional resources.
Be respectful: be on time and prepared for scheduled meetings.


Faculty Advisor Responsibilities
Uphold the integrity and value of the degree by maintaining University standards and policies.
Listen carefully and respect the student’s questions, concerns, and problems.
Collaborate with the student to develop academic and personal goals.
Communicate core, major, and minor degree requirements.
Provide appropriate referrals and resources.
Say “no” when that’s the appropriate answer.


Advising Vision and Mission

Academic advising at New Mexico Tech prepares students for their future and enables them to make a positive contribution to the STEM community. Such advising will foster leadership, professional competence, and high ethical standards. Faculty advisors will work to guide and mentor students through the most current advances in their respective fields.

New Mexico Tech’s academic advising enhances education by inspiring diverse students to challenge themselves through setting goals, making informed decisions, developing professionally and personally, and taking ownership of their education.