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The next colloquium will be Thursday March 26, 2020 in Workman 101  by Guillaume. P. Loisel.

Lone Cloud
  Photo by Dr. Harald Edens
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Physics Colloquium 

Guillaume. P. Loisel

Sandia National Laboratories


G. P. Loisel,, the ZAPP collaboration.Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The radiative properties of hot dense matter – opacity, the response of atoms to plasma environments, and radiation transport - are often an essential ingredient for building physical descriptions of cosmic objects.

Alternatively, understanding radiative properties is essential for correctly interpreting astronomical spectra. In the past, these properties were difficult or impossible to measure in terrestrial laboratories because the required temperature, density, and spectral irradiance were unobtainable or uncontrollable. Today, megaJoule-class pulsed x-ray sources are beginning to make benchmark experiments for astrophysical conditions possible for the first time. The Z Astrophysical Plasma Properties (ZAPP) collaboration is using Z, the most energetic x-ray source on earth, to stage experiments that simultaneously investigate multiple topics in radiative properties of hot dense matter. The astrophysics questions presently guiding this research are: 1) Why can’t we predict the location of the convection zone base in the Sun? 2) How does x-ray emission form in accretion-powered photoionized plasma objects? 3) How accurately can we determine White Dwarf stellar masses using spectroscopy? I will present the current status of the experimental research aimed at addressing these questions.


4 p.m, Thursday, 26 March 2020 

Workman 101



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